As the United Arab Emirates has a Zero-Tolerance stance for drug use for recreational purposes, Drug Offenses are harshly punished there. Therefore before entering in to UAE, or start living in UAE, a man must need to


What is Penalized

The purchasing, importing, exporting, manufacturing, extracting, separating, producing, possessing, acquiring, and abusing of narcotics, unless used for medical or research purposes in accordance with regulations. The acquisition, manufacture, import, export, manufacture, extraction, separation, production, possession, acquisition, and misuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, unless specifically allowed and under the conditions specified in this Section.

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The following is the penalty for Drug Possession

The UAE has a severe no-tolerance attitude for narcotics, advocates in Dubai can also not help you to release you if you have committed such a crime. As we covered earlier in this piece. This implies that it is still illegal to have even 0.01 grime of narcotics on your person. Additionally, depending on the level of usage, there may be problems with residual levels of medications in the bloodstream for as long as a month. Remember that there is zero tolerance for any type of drug, whether it be legal or illegal, even herbal or natural goods like opium seeds, poppy seeds, betel leaves, etc. There are 60 types of Drugs defined in Drugs and Narcotics portal UAE, published online by UAE Government so people could have proper idea. There are several medicines as well, including in this list, also not allowed to use, a man can be arrested and charged otherwise.

According to Article 41 of the New Decree, the least serious punishment that may be meted out to anyone who has exploited or personally used (including possession), Higher penalties will be imposed for the same offense; for instance, a second repeat offense would result in a sentence of at least six months in jail or a fine of at least AED 30,000 but no more than AED 100,000. The punishment increased for repeat offenders after the third offense to include at least two years in prison or a fine of AED 100,000.

According to the most recent figures, drug misuse may be a contributing factor in 1 out of every 8 crimes committed in the UAE. The new rules have brought about necessary legal adjustments because drug misuse cases are sensitive and have the ability to permanently harm a person and their families. Particularly with the new rules that provide courts the freedom to substitute rehabilitation treatment in the specialized units set up under the laws for the punishment previously meted out to an offender, this is both a kind and sensible course of action.

Let us tell you that, consuming illegal narcotics is a crime in the United Arab Emirates and carries a potential prison sentence. Including pharmaceuticals that you may have been prescribed for medical reasons in your home country, drugs that are legal in your nation may not always be legal in the UAE.

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The court may decide to order the expulsion of a foreigner from the United Arab Emirates if he has been found guilty of a drug-related offense there. According to the legislation, a decision to deport a foreign national who has been found guilty of offenses related to addiction, personal use, possession, or acquisition with the aim to become addicted is legal.

It is prohibited to import, carry, possess, or transfer illegal narcotics into the UAE. However, if specific narcotics, psychotropic substances, or products containing them are brought into the country with the intention of being used personally, it may not be treated as a crime if it is first seized at the border crossings. In this scenario, the authorities agree to take such drugs or products into custody and destroy them in order to stop their entry into the nation.

Without a doctor's prescription, the possession of some medicines is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. Except when accompanied by a valid prescription from a registered physician, pharmacists in the United Arab Emirates are not permitted to administer any drugs or psychoactive substances.

Also to be highlighted is the possibility of jail time and penalties for taking narcotics or psychoactive substances for personal use. The competent court may, however, substitute transfer to a rehabilitation facility for jail and fines if the perpetrator is a first-time offender.

Federal Decree No. 30 of 2021, published by the UAE on September 16, 2021, amends the Federal Law No. 14 of 1994 on Narcotics and Psychotropic Drugs in a number of significant ways. If you go to the law firm then these things can be guided by advocates in Dubai.  It is against the law to purchase, import, export, manufacture, extract, separate, produce, possess, and abuse the "narcotic narcotics" and "psychotropic substances" listed in the legislation's schedules. The penalty imposed on anybody who enables the selling of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances is provided for a period of not less than ten years and a fine of not less than AED 100,000 dirhams since the UAE has zero tolerance in areas of drug addiction. If the offense is committed again, the sentence will be enhanced to life in prison and a fine of at least AED 100,000.

Note: Laws are made and revised. Therefore the, readers must consult the Lawyers, and then take the legal action. The legal action always requires the expert counselling first.